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Image: Kayleigh Lux

Unbound Development

9th - 10th August 2019

Midland Junction Arts Centre, Perth

In residency: 18 June - 11th August 2019

This development springs from an urgent need to respond to the growing demand for women’s stories in a society confronting deeply embedded misogyny. A world where Shakespeare’s plays continue to be restaged as seminal texts of western cultural heritage, despite their implicit misogyny and overt racism. Unbound mirrors Shakespeare’s willingness to recontextualise narratives to address female subjugation and oppression within his canon. 


The canon itself contains powerful, intelligent, complicated women who have to act through their husbands or dress as men to negotiate the world autonomously. These situations parallel the patriarchal domination firmly entrenched in many cultures today including our own. By telling these stories again and again we normalise the narratives and perpetuate the cycles of female oppression and subjugation that they depict. 

Unbound is an interruption to this accepted and entrenched pattern. Shakespeare's mastery of language, character and narrative development are repurposed in Unbound to champion the autonomy of the feminine.

Written and Devised: Cohan, Hannah Evelyn, Gala Shevtsov, Kynan Hughes, Mararo Wangai and Ryan Marano

Sound Design: BEXX

Lighting Design: Hannah Portwine

Producers: Cohan, Gala Shevtsov, Ryan Marano

Stage Manager: Hannah Portwine

Production Images: Edwin Sitt, Kayleigh Lux

Archival Footage: Edwin Sitt

Promotional video: Edwin Sitt

Produced by: Blank Space Productions and The Blue Room Theatre


Supported by: Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural industries, Midland Junction Arts Centre

With thanks to: The Last Great Hunt

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