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24th August - 4th September 2021

The Blue Room Theatre, Perth

Shakespeare reclaimed and unleashed.

Unbound is a bold new take on Shakespeare’s works where female characters finally take centre stage.

Meet Ophelia, Emilia and Volumnia, three sisters fighting to forge their destinies in a world where power is everything. A second Act finds the women transported into a technicolour dreamscape where inner fears and desires are unleashed in a whirl of movement, dance and sound.

Unbound is a story for our age: a bewitching collision of classical text and dynamic contemporary forms that is sure to challenge everything you think you know about the Bard. This theatrical intervention rejects sexist stereotypes, casting the feminine and masculine in both flawed and moral lights while offering various possibilities of gender expression to a modern audience.

Written and Devised: Cohan, Hannah Evelyn, Gala Shevtsov, Hock Edwards, Kynan Hughes and Ryan Marano

Outside Eye: Kat Shaw

Sound Design: BEXX

Costume Design: Kynan Hughes

Set design: Cohan

Lighting Design: Hannah Portwine

Dressmaker: Barbara Hughes

Props: Cohan, Hannah Portwine

Producers: Amber Kitney, Cohan, Gala Shevtsov

Stage Manager: Hannah Portwine

Assistant Stage Manager: Mickey Moroz

Production Stills: Kaifu Deng

Archival Footage: Edwin Sitt

Promotional video: Edwin Sitt

Produced by: Blank Space Productions and The Blue Room Theatre


Supported by: Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural industries, Midland Junction Arts Centre

With thanks to: The Last Great Hunt

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