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Sudden Skies

20th - 24th February 2018

The Blue Room Theatre, Perth

Sudden Skies is a vibrant physical theatre experience. Both science fiction and allegory it is set in front of three archways that exist in a liminal space with its own set of physical laws. Our two protagonists 'Gatekeeper' and 'Traveller' have the ability to control the world around them, and to a certain extent each other with their minds. 


Traveller arrives at the three arches, after a dangerous journey, having escaped a destructive force. They are unable to decipher the writing above the arches, one of which is barred by the Gatekeeper. 


Overseen by the Gatekeeper they must complete a series of tests; a riddle, a song and a dance. They pass each task but are left weakened and depleted, each task pulling them into the depths of their past – dark, light and otherwise. Gatekeeper still refuses to allow them through and attempts to abandon them to the elements. The Gatekeeper too is stuck outside. All the while, a fierce storm is brewing. 


The pair is faced with a destruction that threatens everything. They are forced to face the storm together in a desperate attempt to hold the fabric of their world together. They stand side by side,in a state of perpetual action. No amount of power will calm the storm.

Co-Created by: Cohan, Mararo Wangai

Writer: Mararo Wangai

Director: Cohan

Performers: Ann-Marie Biagioni and Haydon Wilson

Sound Design: Rebecca Riggs-Bennett

Costume Design: Cohan

Set design: Sara Chirichilli

Lighting Design: Joe Lui

Producers: Liz Newell

Stage Manager: Georgia Smith

Publicist: Dana Nguyen

Mentor: Claudia Alessi

Archival Footage: Michelle Vuaillat

Produced by: Blank Space Productions, The Blue Room Theatre

Program: FRINGE WORLD Summer Nights

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