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Fear of Merging

20th June 2016

Someone's House, Perth

Fear of Merging is a short comedy about two very different cyclists. Through lies, love and cheesy pasta, it shows you just how dangerous the roads can be.


The work was written for The Cutting Room Floor’s Home Open program; a performance night which takes audiences through the rooms of someone’s house to witness six site-specific performance works. This particular Home Open was in support of ‘The Greens’ political party, with each of the works related to election policies. Fear of Merging was inspired by their proposal for extensive off-road cycle ways.

Devised by: Cohan, Isabelle McDonald and Jon-Paul Fitzgerald

Performers: Isabelle McDonald and Jon-Paul Fitzgerald

Director: Cohan

Promo Image: Cohan

Produced by: The Cutting Room Floor and Blank Space Productions

Program: Home Open

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