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The Boats

By Eloise Carter

19th October 2016

Chrissie Parrott Arts, Perth

Stacey and Tom have bumped into each other on a bridge. They are family friends and have spent every childhood holiday and Christmas together that they can remember.


From this point EGDE took a turn as the audience navigated Eloise Carter’s choose your own adventure script. There was one beginning and eight possible endings, filled with unrequited love, betrayal, an accidental death, suicide, secrets and lies. The audience was witness to both of the possible directions for the path ahead before choosing one direction and losing the other. With amazing dedication to creating relevant, unabashed and interesting theatre they discussed and co-created the show that they wanted to see together.

Concept: Cohan

Director and Facilitator: Cohan

Writer: Eloise Carter

Performers: Haydon Wilson and Indigo Keane

Lighting Design: Cohan, Rachel Woodward, Chris Issacs

Props: Cohan, Rachel Woodward

Producers: Cesarina Fitzgerald, Cohan, Harley Bell

Stage Manager: Rachel Woodward

Venue Manager: Mitchell Whelan

Production Stills: Harley Bell

Marketing and Design: Park Street

Produced by: Blank Space Productions

With thanks to: Chris Issacs

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