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Sunday in the Dark with George

By Martyn Churcher

2nd November 2016

Chrissie Parrott Arts, Perth

This script brought the audience into a huge discussion about the church, child abuse, accountability  and ‘God’. The scene gives weight and credence to all of these elements as a church leader is preparing to publicly address claims of abuse and struggling to listen to his faith. The scene ends in a twist as the celestial parent flickers out of existence with the church's refusal to take accountability. 

The audience took control of the symbolism in this story by using light and darkness. The final scene was lit entirely with hand held torches, which were turned off as each individual audience member perceived Pastor George’s soul had moved beyond a point of no return.

Concept: Cohan

Director and Facilitator: Cohan

Writer: Martyn Churcher

Performers: James McMillan, Jess Harlond-Kenny, Sam Hayes and Timothy Green

Lighting Design: Cohan, Rachel Woodward, Chris Issacs

Props: Cohan, Rachel Woodward

Producers: Cesarina Fitzgerald, Cohan, Harley Bell

Stage Manager: Rachel Woodward

Venue Manager: Mitchell Whelan

Production Stills: Harley Bell

Marketing and Design: Park Street

Produced by: Blank Space Productions

With thanks to: Chris Issacs

Full Script 

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