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Lights Out

By Mararo Wangai

19th November 2016

Chrissie Parrott Arts, Perth

Lights Out zooms into a small window of time for two inmates the night before they are sentenced to be hung. They navigate a difficult place of hope and friendship from either side of a thick wall. In one cell there is a mouse - or perhaps the story of a mouse. The other prisoners' happiness and hope is tied to the fate of these small creatures. When the mouse eats her babies, he loses a bet, and in devastation has to sing a song. The two men sing together, and it is revealed that the mouse and her babies are fine. 


This script is as soft and hopeful as it is hard. Mararo Wangai, Martyn Churcher and Rubeun Yorkshire found a fine balance between power and softness. The audience chose to build upon that and created a musical underscoring for the scene with objects they found in the space and their voices.

Concept: Cohan

Director and Facilitator: Cohan

Writer: Mararo Wangai

Performers: Mararo Wangai, Martyn Churcher and Rubeun Yorkshire

Lighting Design: Cohan, Rachel Woodward, Chris Issacs

Props: Cohan, Rachel Woodward

Producers: Cesarina Fitzgerald, Cohan, Harley Bell

Stage Manager: Rachel Woodward

Venue Manager: Mitchell Whelan

Production Stills: Harley Bell

Marketing and Design: Park Street

Produced by: Blank Space Productions

With thanks to: Chris Issacs

Full Script

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