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Bad Liar

By George Ashforth

5th October 2016

Chrissie Parrott Arts, Perth

Sean was never an easy child. Something about the violence of his anger always frightened his Mum.  Sneaking into the lounge room of his family home, he is now old enough to know better. He is wanted by police for hitting his friend in the temple with a brick. His Mum records their interaction as she finds a way to get a confession out of him, something only a person who knows him better than he knows himself could do. 


On this night the audience chose to symbolise guilt with wine and innocence with water. In one of the photos above we see Sean’s mother pouring out his innocence as she forces him to confess to the assault.

Concept: Cohan

Director and Facilitator: Cohan

Writer: George Ashforth

Performers: Andrew Sutherland and Nicola Renton

Lighting Design: Cohan, Rachel Woodward, Chris Issacs

Props: Cohan, Rachel Woodward

Producers: Cesarina Fitzgerald, Cohan, Harley Bell

Stage Manager: Rachel Woodward

Venue Manager: Mitchell Whelan

Production Stills: Harley Bell

Marketing and Design: Park Street

Produced by: Blank Space Productions

With thanks to: Chris Issacs

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