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Archival Footage

Don't Ever Stop

14th - 17th February, 2017

The Blue Room Theatre, Perth

Don’t Ever Stop is a comment on negligence in interpersonal relationships. It explores how mundane actions can foreshadow the escalating and cyclical nature of coercive control and challenges a normative assumption that relationships are intrinsically safe.

This work was part of the 600 Seconds program at The Blue Room Theatre in 2017. This platform gives artists an opportunity to test new live performance ideas in 10 minutes or less. 

Playing with the idea that movement in this piece melts into disintegration, the audience glimpses a banal everyday moment. This moment repeats word for word hinting at control and abuse. Both parties seem guilty and flawed. We skip to a police interview room and simultaneously witness how one event is presented from two perspectives. By showing the beginning of this relationship's descent and the aftermath, while only glancing at the distant starting points of violence, we ask questions about what abuse is and where it begins. At what point do our emotions endanger others? At what point does our desire to appease become enabling?

Devised by: Alicia Osyka, Charlotte Otton, Cohan and Timothy Green

Director: Cohan

Assistant Director: Timothy Green

Performers: Alicia Osyka and Charlotte Otton

Sound and Lighting Design: Timothy Green

Mentor: Sally Richardson

Production Images: Archival Footage

Produced by: Blank Space Productions and The Blue Room Theatre

Program: FRINGE WORLD, Summer Nights, 600 Seconds

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