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Check Up

By Charlotte Otton

21st September 2016

Chrissie Parrott Arts, Perth

Ray is old, alone and ready to die. Gabe is young, a nurse and annoyingly positive. Ray has been evading Gabe for months, but today he arrives at Ray’s door with pizza and coffee - both laced with her medication. Ray can’t manage to be rude enough to get rid of him and somehow they find a middle ground. Gabe will come back tomorrow, without medication, and they will watch home movies. 


One suggestion from the audience was for Ray’s dead husband to haunt the scene, and we were lucky enough to have a volunteer to play the role! We also experimented with sound, and the audience creates a soundscape for the scene with objects at hand.

Concept: Cohan

Director and Facilitator: Cohan

Writer: Charlotte Otton

Performers: Barnaby Pollock and Julie Holmshaw

Lighting Design: Cohan, Rachel Woodward, Chris Issacs

Props: Cohan, Rachel Woodward

Producers: Cesarina Fitzgerald, Cohan, Harley Bell

Stage Manager: Rachel Woodward

Venue Manager: Mitchell Whelan

Production Stills: Harley Bell

Marketing and Design: Park Street

Produced by: Blank Space Productions

With thanks to: Chris Issacs

Full Script

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